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OCtoPus Servers

OCtoPus has been designed to further improve Data Center Energy Efficiency.

This range is specifically designed to execute complex workloads with its high sustainability. You will get the highest possible performance for your operations. The OCtoPus is our open hardware, which is evolutive, efficient, and flexible to improve your IT infrastructure while providing cost reduction on CAPEX (up to -25%) and OPEX (up to -40% with immersion cooling).

OCtoPus 1.4EE
Barebone OCtoPus 1.4EE 1OU 21" with 2 sockets SP3 for 7**2/7**3 AMD EPYC™ processors. 8 DIMMs slots per CPU.
OCtoPus 3EE
Barebone OCtoPus 3 1OU 21" composed of three blade nodes with 2 sockets SP3 for AMD EPYC™ 7xx2 and 7xx3 Series Processor family. 48 DIMMs slots (8-channel, 8-DIMM per CPU). Immersion cooling ready.