Fanless NUC - AMD Ryzen - IP51
The Fanless NUC system with AMD's R1606G APU is ideal for the digital signage industry, featuring three video outputs and passive cooling for long life and low maintenance.
Fanless Mini - AMD Ryzen V1000 Embedded Quad Display - IP51
Powered by the AMD Ryzen V1000 processor, this system features 4 display ports supporting 4K output. It's ideal for scenarios requiring multiple displays, such as electronic gaming machines, medical imaging, interactive digital signage, point-of-sale terminals and video surveillance.
Fanless NUC - Intel 10th Gen Mobile - IP51
Thanks to its compact size, this PC is ideal for places where space is limited. It can accommodate an Intel 10th generation processor up to i7, has 2 video outputs for workstations or CCTV surveillance systems, and its high IP rating enables continuous operation in demanding environments.
Fanless NUC - AMD Ryzen R2000 Embedded - IP51
This system features the AMD Ryzen R2314 CPU in a compact design with 3 video outputs, ideal for harsh environments. Its passive cooling ensures a long lifespan with no maintenance, perfect for large projects requiring minimal downtime and cost control.
Fanless Mini - AMD Ryzen V2000 Embedded Quad Display - IP51
This PC features AMD Ryzen V2000 and offers high-performance computing with quad-core architecture, 4x4K display ports, and AMD Radeon Graphics for immersive visuals. Its fanless design ensures silent operation, and its IP51 rating adds durability in challenging environments, ideal for multitasking and robust graphics applications.
Fanless Mini - Intel J4125 - IP51
This mini PC is an entry-level, flexible computer with HDMI and USB 3.0. This system is versatile and reliable, offering a wide range of I/O options.
Fanless Mini - Intel 10th Gen Mobile - IP51
This fanless systeme offers great flexibility with legacy I/O like RS232, HDMI, USB 3.0, and up to an Intel 10th Gen i7 processor. It is a versatile and reliable product with a wide range of I/O options.
Fanless Mini - Intel 12th Gen Mobile - IP51
This rugged computer powered by up to an Intel i7 12th Gen processor, is designed to operate in harsh environments with extreme temperatures, dust, moisture, and physical shock. It's ideal for industries like manufacturing, aerospace, military, and agriculture.