How AI is transforming every business

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The AI conference, led by professionals who created it!

We are delighted to invite you to the World Trade Center in Grenoble on Thursday 16 May 2024!

Come and attend the conference of those who make Artificial Intelligence and discover how we've been working for several years to be ready for its rise.

Democratized barely a year ago among the general public, AI is already changing the way we work and create. It will be the same technological revolution as the arrival of the computer.

We'll use case studies to show how the right AI models are already improving the quality of work for the region's leading manufacturers.

2CRSi, a French manufacturer of high-performance servers, and Neovision, a developer of customized AI, with the support of NVIDIA, the world's leading manufacturer of graphics cards, invite you to this afternoon of presentation and exchange, punctuated by various gourmet breaks.

Come and discover how AI can take your business to the next level.

This conference will be hosted by :

Xavier LE VAILLANT​, HPC/AI Specialist at 2CRSi

Lucas NACSA, CEO of Neovision

Melvin Ierfino, Partner Business Manager at NVIDIA

What you can expect:

1pm : Welcome buffet

2pm : AI according to NVIDIA by Melvin Ierfino

2.30 pm: Why and how is AI transforming our businesses? by Lucas NACSA

🔸 Why is AI transforming every business?
🔸 How is AI transforming industrial quality control? 
🔸 How is AI transforming document search and analysis? 
🔸 How to make AI work in real time? 

4pm: Break and discussion

4.30 pm: Which server for which use case? by Xavier LE VAILLANT

🔸  AI in Edge: how do I get the computing power on board? 
🔸  PCIe or SXM5: which is best for my AI?
🔸  AI and energy consumption: what solutions are available today?

6pm: Aperitif and discussion

Date & Time
May 16, 2024
1:00 PM 7:30 PM Europe/Paris

World Trade Center Grenoble

5-7 Pl. Robert Schuman
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