BeeGFS is a parallel cluster file system that was initially developed by the German research institute Fraunhofer. Its goal was to get hyper computing performance in computer clusters. This necessity led to high expertise for the needs of HPC in cluster environments with a focus on data throughput. The system is now provided, developed, and maintained by ThinkParQ. 

BeeGFS provides a special solution that enables computer clusters to highly perform without limiting the computing power due to an extensive I/O workload. The open-source software allows fast, flexible, and easy to manage HPC storage solutions by spreading user data across multiple servers. Any project size can be handled thanks to a distributed metadata architecture for scalability and flexibility reasons. Furthermore, as open-source software, it gets constantly improved by the community.  

This constant development is combined with the ease of installation and management, as well as its perfect compatibility with every hardware. This makes ThinkParQ the perfect partner for 2CRSi to provide customers the most complete storage solutions in their HPC projects.  

BeeGFS got added to the 2CRSi inventory in autumn 2018. ThinkParQ trained our team and certified several system engineer experts to help us to advise, assist, and support our clients along with their projects. These certifications open access to superior support resources from ThinkParQ and to early BeeGFS releases.  

Our customers will benefit from access to the most supercomputing institutions with the fastest high-performance computers in the world such as the Loewe CSC-Cluster, the Vienna Scientific Cluster, or the Abel Cluster, who are also BeeGFS users.