Submer Technologies was born to challenge the way data centers are perceived and understood today, and how this can create deep change in the way technology and humans behave. Their goal is to help HPC, Datacenters, and hyperscalers be more efficient and sustainable, by delivering unrivaled PUE and densities, worldwide.

Submer’s Immersion Cooling solutions array even the most performant servers in special, horizontal tanks filled with a proprietary, dielectric coolant.

2CRSi and Submer met for the first time in March 2018, at the Cloudfest show, and in September 2018 started a productive and enriching alliance.

Subsequently, the collaboration got reinforced by the creation of the OCtoPus 21’’ range servers, which was complemented by the creation of compatible tanks built by Submer (which systems already offered trays suitable for 2CRSi 19’’ servers).

With this project, designed with efficiency principles in mind, Submer and 2CRSi could deliver a solution guaranteeing:

  • Up to 95% saving on cooling costs (corresponding to about 50% of the electricity consumption)
  • 25%-40% CAPEX saving (thanks to the higher IT hardware density and the easy retrofitting process of the IT hardware equipment)
  • Up to 50% OPEX saving
  • 8-10% cheaper IT Investment
  • Sustainability, thanks to - ½ CO2 emissions
  • Longer durability of components thanks to homogeneous and constant cooling
  • Higher performance as immersion allows more emphasis on the intrinsic performance of components)

Download our Immersion brochure focusing on 2CRSi's servers and Submer's immersion tanks!