Vcinity allows enterprises to spend less time and money sharing large data sets over distance and more time on business innovation driving competitive advantage. Vcinity’s disruptive data solutions enable enterprises to access data instantly from anywhere across the globe and use it as if it were local.

They fuse the multi-cloud and enterprise-grade IT infrastructures into a simple file sharing architecture with real-time access and a global namespace. Vcinity’s solutions are ideal for many applications from remote 4K video editing, rendering of offshore oil rig’s 3D seismic data, to AI/ML/DL engines analyzing real-time big data from anywhere, anytime.

Their technology transforms WAN into a Global LAN and data is processed instantly by keeping it in-place without waiting for it to be moved, copied or downloaded. As a result, network, compute and storage infrastructure is optimized. Vcinity solutions provide predictable performance across any distance and independent of applications allowing remote access to data and if required, extremely high-speed transfer across long distances. In a world where data has big implications on the economy of the enterprise, Vcinity's solutions allow customers to leverage the full value of data assets while significantly reducing copy sprawl and IT operating costs.

This brand-new technology, we've been testing it. To stand out from the competition 2CRSi works with emerging brands like Vcinity, that offers breakthrough innovations.

By seamlessly integrating with 2CRSi's high-quality, efficient, reliable storage and computing solutions, Vcinity unifies custom-built clusters for ultra-fast performance over any distance. 2CRSi and Vicinity are your partners in your journey of digital transformation.